Overview of Match Wild Animals: Kids Puzzle

Match Wild Animals is an interactive puzzle pair matching game for kids to learn the names of wild animals by animated photos. Now, parents can teach their kids about wildlife animals in a fun and challenging way. Learning animals through animated pictures of various wild animals like tigers, lions, elephants, chameleons, squirrels, beavers, giraffes, kangaroos, deer, snakes, rabbit, monkey, crocodile, zebra, turtles, pandas, bears, and many more.

Features of Match Wild Animals

Match Wild Animals is an easy and memory puzzle testing game to enhance your cognitive abilities.
Match Wild Animals is a free and offline puzzle game with unlimited levels where users will have to match similar images of wild animals.
Match Wild Animals have three types of levels:
Easy: In this level, the user will match similar wild animals from a group of four animals.
Medium: Gamers will have to match similar wild animals from a group of six animals.
Hard: Match similar wild animals from a group of ten animals.

How to play Match Wild Animals?

Choose the difficulty level for animal puzzle at the menu page, i.e. Easy, Medium, and Hard.
Now match the similar wild animals by tapping on them to clear each level.

Why install Match Wild Animals?

Evaluates your reflexes, logical thinking ability, and accuracy!
Boosts concentration and memory power.
Educational learning puzzle game for smart kids to learn about different wild animals.
Forms new connections in the brain cells which increase a person’s knowledge.

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